Creating The Dinner Party

Kosher Supper Club meets Pico Shul

  • Foodraiser

    There are lots of Galas, but we are a Dinner Party to fund the Jewish Future.

    Keeping with the spirit of Pico Shul, and knowing people are overloaded with fundraising “Galas”, Eddie Fox approached our fundraising committee about planning a “foodraiser” which he envisioned as an evening of gourmet food, wine and socializing benefiting the Pico Shul.

    What Fox didn’t know was that Rachel and Rabbi Yonah were looking for a new fundraising vehicle to raise support for Pico Shul to expand what it can do for the Jewish community.

    Fox is no stranger to exclusive dinning. Several years ago, Fox realized that his passion for gourmet food could only truly be achieved by hiring the best chefs and creating exclusive kosher supper club events. Dozens of events later, Fox’s reputation for creating dinning experiences never before tried resonates around foodie circles in LA and well beyond.

    Thanks to Fox’s vision, the concept behind The Dinner Party started to take shape. Instead of lengthy speeches, high-pressure giving or high profile entertainment, the dinner will focus on supporting the cause, and enjoying an extravaganza of food, wine and beer prepared by gourmet chefs.


  • Taking Form

    After Eddie Fox had a chance to tell the fundraising team about creating a unique dinner event for to support Pico Shul, we sat down to conceptualize what would make this dinner special. We wanted to find a way to deliver the highest possible dinning experience, while keeping our costs to an absolute minimum. For every dollar that would be spent on the dinner, would be one less dollar to help the cause.

    We decided to look for venues, chefs, suppliers and designers that could keep all our costs low. Additionally, we wanted a venue with full cooking facilities. This way, Rabbi Yonah can provide the kosher supervision and further reduce costs. The more that could be found at no or minimal cost – the better.

    Making toasts at your table is a key part of the Dinner Party.

    Except for the food – there would be no compromise on quality and taste.

    Thanks to Fox’s experience with his supper club, he has an extensive network of gourmet chefs and great venues. He approached some of his chefs with the concept – and thankfully we were able to find four super-star chefs who are practically donating their time to make this event happen. Additionally, The Mark has helped us by making the venue, which has all the tables, chairs and other supplies we need — available at reduced cost. Most importantly, they are allowing us access to the facility for two days at the end of January. Yes, two days.

    With Chefs, venue and date nailed down, Rebbitzin Rachel set about creating the graphics with our designer. She discovered an old poster from a 1930’s agricultural event in Detroit, Michigan and this served — pardon the pun — as the inspiration for the graphics that you see today.

  • Dinner Party Graphics

    Rebbitzin  Rachel  loves  old  posters.  Especially  travel  related  posters,  which  serve  as  the  inspiration  for  many  of  the  graphics  for  her  major  programs  for  the  last  decade.  The Dinner  Party  is  no  exception.

    Rachel  searched  for  graphics  that  would  help  capture  the  feel  for  the  event,  and  then  she  adapts  the  poster  graphics  using  a  detailed  and  very  lengthy  re-rendering  together  with  our  graphic  designer.

    After  working  with  our  current  designer  for  more  than  five years,  they  are  able  to  produce  what  Rachel  is  looking  for  and  the  entire  process  takes  a  short  amount  of  time.

    Here  is  the  poster  that  inspired  The  Dinner  Party.

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