Saluting Couple of the Year Lemor and Shuki Greer

Lemor and Shuki Greer played an integral role in building up the Pico Shul community before they were even married. As passionate and dedicated volunteers, they helped run services, programs and recruit participants. After they married, Lemor and Shuki have become role-models for others in their pursuit of Jewish learning in Israel, maintaining emunah in the face of tragedy, and active participation in communal life. We salute the Greers as not only dedicated leaders at Pico Shul, but future leaders of the entire Jewish community.

Saluting Legacy Trustee Jeremy Kagan

Jeremy Kagan’s passion for the Jewish people, values and spirituality inform his life and work, and we at Pico Shul are some of the gracious beneficiaries. Since the day Jeremy’s booming Priestly Blessing echoed from the Bima in 2015, Jeremy has taken an active and charitable role in supporting Pico Shul’s mission. Jeremy’s passion for Tikkun Olam, combined with his acclaimed achievements in film and television, demonstrate to aspiring young adults that its possible to maintain core values with a career in entertainment.

Professor Jeremy Kagan is a legendary award winning film and television director, writer and producer.  His credits include The Chosen, Crown Heights, Golda’s Balcony, The Big Fix, and The West Wing, and the recently released movie SHOT.  Jeremy is Chairperson of Special Projects for the Directors Guild and teaches at USC.

KaganJewishReel from Jeremy Kagan on Vimeo.

Thanking our Visionary Founders and Supporters

Pico Shul only exists, thanks to the generosity of a handful of families and supportive organizations and individuals. Without their support, encouragement, time and dedication, none of what Pico Shul has achieved in these short years would have been possible. May God bless them with an outpouring of Divine favor in spiritual and material realms, and may they continue to inspire Jewish life, learning and community in Los Angeles, and around the world.

  • The Mizel Family
  • Drs. Josh and Ronne Penn
  • Touch of Kindness / Tomchei Shabbos
  • Rabbi Yona Landau and Reb Steve Berger
  • Rabbi Shlomo Besser
  • Alevy Family Academy Property
  • Daniel and Zahava Uretsky
  • S & S Flooring / The Ben Shushan Family
  • Richard and Lisa Polak
  • Benjamin and Leonie Nahamia
  • Jeremy Kagen