Chris Lind is a young chef, who, after an early career in cooking is now focusing on bridging his varied restaurant experience with the world of Kosher cuisine. Chris realized his passion for cooking while living in Boston. Although attending school for television production, his night job cooking for Harvard’s alumni dining club gave him a foundation in fine dining which would  drive him to a career in cooking. Believing culture and food are intertwined, he explored much of the United States seeking greater knowledge of all types of cuisine; His first stop after Boston was NYC working in French and Italian Bistros specializing in charcuterie, then to Los Angeles for inspiration from the nation’s most diverse city and migrated after to Seattle to study the flavors of South Asia and the Pacific Islands. Chris cooked for Ray’s Boathouse, one of Seattle’s only 4 star seafood restaurants, worked as sous Chef for Seattle icons the The Hi-Life and 5 Spot and went on to become head Chef of a catering company specializing in weddings and offering cooking classes. Chris now resides in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter working as a private Kosher chef.

From a young age, Joel Longini was introduced to the gourmet life. Born in Zurich, Switzerland he was surrounded by fresh and tasty foods served in beautiful style and learned to value the quality and elegance of food. Son of a trained Cordon Bleu chef, he was immersed in the world of culinary delights. From a young age he was taught the importance of cooking and preparing in order to bring out the finest tastes of the food. It did not take him long to build an affinity towards gastronomy. His travels expanded and he moved to Israel continuing to hone his knowledge and skills through education and practice.  He began to shine in the culinary world in N.Y. There he began to learn what is required to run a successful restaurant not only working in various restaurants in the kitchen and  the dining area. Using the grill as a canvas to create revolutionary flavorful art he decided to bring his talents to the West Coast where he met Chris. Using their combined talents they provide the highest quality, they have started their own catering business offering high end, creative products for their clients