Josef was born and raised in the heart of the wine country, in the beautiful Sonoma Valley. Shortly their after, his culinary career began. It all started at the age of 4 by observing his mother make breakfast in the mornings. He was intrigued by every piece of the process, from the cracking of the eggs, to the flipping of the pancakes. From there he moved on to trying his hand at lunch and by the age of 8, he was creating his own dinner recipes. However, Josef didn’t go “pro” until he was 15. That is when his career began to take shape.

For the last 20 years, Josef has dedicated himself to learning, practicing and perfecting his culinary know how. Trying any new venture that went his way, every possible avenue he could find to expand his culinary horizon. That attitude lead him to opportunities to work at such places as the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Napa Valley Grille in Yountville and Westwood, Tra Vigne and most recently, Exec Chef at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport beach. All of which granted him some incredible connections and great friendships.

Roughly 5 years ago Josef was asked to partake in an all kosher dinner, introducing him to a whole new realm of food exploration and culinary challenges. And then two years ago, Josef was invited to help launch Bakar Meats with Rabbi Jonathan Benzaquen. He was given the freedom to design a creative menu, while following the kosher guidelines structured around an all-beef menu.

Josef is now operating his own catering company, J Morphis Catering, based out of Sonoma, Ca. where he looks to continue to expand his culinary experience.