Saluting Legacy Trustee Jeremy Kagan

Jeremy Kagan’s passion for the Jewish people, values and spirituality inform his life and work, and we at Pico Shul are some of the gracious beneficiaries. Since the day Jeremy’s booming Priestly Blessing echoed from the Bima in 2015, Jeremy has taken an active and charitable role in supporting Pico Shul’s mission. Jeremy’s passion for Tikkun Olam, combined with his acclaimed achievements in film and television, demonstrate to aspiring young adults that its possible to maintain core values with a career in entertainment.

Professor Jeremy Kagan is a legendary award winning film and television director, writer and producer.  His credits include The Chosen, Crown Heights, Golda’s Balcony, The Big Fix, and The West Wing, and the recently released movie SHOT.  Jeremy is Chairperson of Special Projects for the Directors Guild and teaches at USC.

KaganJewishReel from Jeremy Kagan on Vimeo.